I wonder when (if) the mayor will come to the realization that

40 50 year latency period for diseases related to it and research lagging slightly behind. It wasn’t taken out of building materials until 1980 and people still today are being diagnosed with those diseases. Same for lead, almost.. I will often feel lonely and just want to have some sort of physical contact you can look here with someone not sexual, just like a hug, or laying my head in someones lap that i feel like I would be looked down upon if I talk about these feelings. I feel as though I can talk to others about my feeling or my problems, and have to put up this persona of being a guy without feelings, and just keep everything inside of me. However, I ended up creating a lot more longlasting relationships with women than I did men (not to say I don have any good male friends, but the ratio is disproportionately favoring the other sex).I think it honestly just that some guys don understand/feel comfortable being emotionally vulnerable with other men.

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