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Technical equipment quality varies a lot between institutions, but you will get eduroam and at least okay digital facilities pretty much everywhere nowadays. Due to the whole thing being mostly free except for semester fees, there are differences to be felt in the general fanciness of the equipment. The semester fees often come with a […]

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The common denominator with restrictive diets is that if you fall off the wagon, you tend to binge hard. Give up all carbs for a month and you probably find that you crave bread a lot. Additionally, everyone physiology is different, and studies have also shown that some people have success with high fat/low carb […]

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A little ahead of the nexus there are 3 inhibitors (circular structures, they look like a mini nexus), one right in front of the nexus and the other 2 at the sides. These inhibitors mark the beginning of the 3 lanes: Open “routes” that connect the 2 bases designing a sort of diagonal reticle […]

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The island’s financial crisis has sent doctors fleeing to the States over the last decade; Hurricane Maria added further fuel to that exodus. There is no exact accounting yet of just how many physicians have left the island, but from 2006 to 2016, the number of doctors dropped from 14,000 to 9,000, according to the […]

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Stone is the most fragile. These all come in many different sizes, and keep getting bigger as technology gets better. Your joist spacing (16″, 19.2″, 24″, they were drunk”), size (2×8 = 7.25″, 2×10 = 9.25″, etc.), span (distance between support beams), and wood type (usually pine or douglas fir if canada goose outlet it […]

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But perhaps there was a process. Perhaps the president did as he described listened to and argued with his military advisers, agreed to do it their way and, when he did not see the results he wanted on the timeline he identified, chose to pursue a different course. Troops along the southern border]. Canada Goose […]