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I started benching 3×10 at 266lbs and finished 2×10 and 1×7 at 286lbs, going from 4 minutes rest between sets to 2 minutes rest between sets.What’s of more particular interest is that this was my first time seriously power cleaning sinceever. And though I’m still awful at it, 100 reps a week, performed under a […]

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Your whole life’s changing. It’s still the same, in theory, but it’s changing, so I just took it to process. I think I called my mom, called this man Jarvis, and here we are today.”. (Privacy Policy)TripleLiftThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Say MediaWe partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. […]

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The south liked Lincoln because they liked small national government but hated him because freeing the slaves would reduce the South’s government influence and severely cripple their economy. Understand that at this point the south was technically pro civil rights because they wanted slaves to count as people for votes, but this would make it […]

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So I remove this part, as it is highly subjective.Derp, I fixed that. With refractors being awkward I largely meant the extremely variable eyepiece height.Chromatic aberration all of refractors have it. Regardless of price. They said this should not have been done without “an acknowledgement of culpability on the part of the “Here is the […]

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This isn’t just about forcing governments to adopt bad monetary policies. It’s about stopping them from enacting good fiscal policies, too. Countries on the gold standard can’t run big deficits without markets wondering how committed they are to it at which point, they would need to raise rates to reassure them. Hermes Handbags She worked […]

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In order to release the manga before Group A, Group B uses a lower quality scan (usually Korean or Chinese) and whips up a shoddy, but quick TL. Group A, seeing that they won scanalate as fast as Team B and wont compromise their quality decides to stop scanalating that manga. Now there is only […]