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Boy did I learn my lesson; bit right into a goddamn pepper and couldn’t enjoy my own burger afterwards. Heat didn’t go away for a solid 45 mins. I do not fuck with these miniature hell drops.. I was diagnosed Avoidant over 10 years ago. I just now getting started in terms of real independence, […]

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You know The Great American Pyramid AKA “the Pyramid,” AKA Bass Pro, was intended to be a “21st century treasure trove of multiple attractions,” connected to the Music Island theme park? There were going to be rides like “Hot Rod Lincoln,” and novelties like the worlds greatest jukebox, and music events and sports. This “thrilling […]

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3: You can make croutons?! the vinaigrette to the croutons, Mary Beth teaches Dave how to make every part of a salad. The vinaigrette to the croutons, Mary Beth teaches Dave how to make every part of a salad. Beth Albright Washington Post Jorgenson Tucker Saks Jaconi Sitz Monroe Muir hacks beginners food lessons for […]

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“I became interested in journalism in college and ever since, I was compelled to tell stories that capture an audience’s attention. “) It doesn’t have to say, “I’m a good communicator. ” Take a more active approach. A simple google search will work. Look at it in conjunction with images of ‘cost curves’ and ‘perfectly […]

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Through much of the 19th century, the canal was effectively a sewer, and the Mall was a chaotic, mixed use free for all. Its first major building, the Smithsonian Castle, was a Romanesque pastiche style design, and for a while, it seemed the architecture of the city and the Mall might lean toward brick, and […]

I think it unjust to fire someone based on religious

The only conceivable argument that the IRS commissioner could make for not turning over the president’s return would be to suggest that the committee had no legitimate purpose relating to its work for requesting the return. This is an absurd argument with respect to Trump’s returns. There are also legitimate grounds for the request centered […]