So, to get Joe Smith from Louisville, KY interested in hockey,

Princes South is great. Is very much like a real restaurant. Like TVs and beer and working ac and a real fountain drink machine. On a recent trip one elderly gent, like some overgrown jack in the box, stood up numerous times until he was warned to sit down. Another man perpetually muttered, “I’m in […]

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Conceptually you should be able to have say 16 servers all being written to at the same time, with their own records that don overlap with the same table on other servers. Bad practice in my book but technically possible.timsstuff 2 points submitted 1 day agoI have an idiot friend who will tell you that […]

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Mr. Pavacic stated, am grateful that Legislator Anker took the time to support and participate in the Commission Research Forum. I had the opportunity to discuss a number of Commission initiatives with Legislator Anker and look forward to further discussion on ways the Commission could collaborate with her office on several current projects, including habitat […]